Types of Infant Baby Carriers You Can Purchase


Baby wearing is something that will help build a stronger bond between you and your baby while keeping your baby happy too. Being held close to you chest is something that babies love and toddlers will enjoy riding on your back. Infant carriers are ideal to use because you are able to carry your baby and keep them close to you while freeing both of your hands to be able to do other tasks.

Modern technology has given parents more choices of baby carriers with different designs. The designs of today are simply improvements of what were used many long years ago but the modern version have been adapted for the use of modern parents. There are modern versions of wraps, papooses, backpacks, and slings that were in use even in the past. Today, you can find basic types in the market namely wraps, slings, mai-tais, soft-structured one, and framed backpacks. Below are basic descriptions of the different baby carrier types.

Baby wraps are simply fabrics that are wrapped around you and your baby.

A sling is also a piece of fabric which goes over one of your shoulders and forms a pouch for your baby to sit. Baby can be put on your hips or in front of you. Slings are sometimes hazardous to very small infants. They can be at risk of suffocation and hip dysplasia.

A hybrid between the wrap and a soft-structure carrier is called a mai-tai. These have four straps that are attached to the main carrier body. It can be tied to the parents in various ways which will help you keep your baby secure.

Soft-structured carriers are similar to a backpack except that their straps are padded and they have buckles which are connected to the carrier’s main body.

A carrier with metal frame is a baby backpack. This can be used by older babies or toddlers who can stay for long periods on your back.

There are different carry positions or holds that you can do. A carrier that has the versatility in carry positions is ideal because when your baby grows the position that gives them most comfort also changes. The different positions for the baby include riding on the front of the parent, facing either in or out, or riding piggy back on a parent’s back. If a baby will ride on your side, one of your hands will be tied up, so it is not a very convenient position.

Today you can find a lot of quality choices for baby infant carriers and many have great and innovative designs. The best design for infant baby carriers is one that is characterized by simplicity and longevity. Visit https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Baby_sling to read more about this.


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